A Typical Wellpoint Installation

Find a suitable spot on the property (greater Cape Town and surrounds) to suit installation of the wellpoint and client’s needs and requirements,normally we suggest near to the existing outside power point or near the irrigation system.

We then set up our wellpoint installation equipment and locate a water source to supply the water jetting system that we use to water jet the wellpoint hole, using a specialised water jetting pump and steel pipes.

When everything is set up we start to water jet the wellpoint with the high pressure water jet pump and specialised galvanised steel pipes using water from the supplied source. We then end the hole in the water bearing wellpoint water layer.

After the hole has been jetted, we insert a 25mm ID LDPE pipe. With the water inlet made and filter fitted at the bottom of the LDPE pipe. it is fed to the bottom of the steel pipes in the ground.

Then the steel pipes have served their purpose and can be removed, leaving behind the black LDPE suction pipe.

The black suction pipe is then fitted to a supplied wellpoint water pump, with a specialised brass non return valve and clamped to the male adaptor that is forced into the end of the black suction pipe.

Finally, we fit a hosepipe quick connector to the pump outlet or arrange for special adaptions to the existing irrigation of the specific client. Any of our jobs can be custom fitted to suit the client’s specific needs. We service the West Coast, Southern Suburbs, Northern Suburbs and Winelands areas with a track record of over 15 years experience.

Difference between a Bore Hole and a well point

A Borehole is a much deeper extraction. A Bore Hole can have a depth of approximately 30 to 100 meters or even more. A large PVC (polyethylene) shell is used to install a submersible pump to extract water to the surface. To install a borehole it can take approximately three to five days.

A well point installation is possible where the geological formation is favorable, preferably porous soil and the water table is relatively close to the surface. It consists of a PVC pipe (polyethylene) inserted into the ground with a centrifugal pump mounted on the surface.

Your wellpoint installation is typically completed between 2 and 4 hours on site.

We invite you to contact us to discuss your requirements and how we may be of service.

At Craft Wellpoints and Irrigation, we're the one stop shop for installation and commissioning of wellpoints for garden irrigation,
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Full Wellpoint installations throughout the Western Cape for as little as

R 6 750.00! all inclusive

Can you think of a better investment

The above price includes 1-2 weelpoints, 1Hp Pedrollo pump, 1 non-return valve, 1m electrical cable & "Gardena" outlet on top of pump.

Should we not be able to find water, a service fee R2 750 will be charged.

Wellpoints and Boreholes in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.