Q How do I know if I can have a well point in my garden?

A The majority of areas in the Western Cape have a relatively good underground water and consequently it is easy to locate a well point that will provide sufficient water for use in a domestic garden.


Q Will there be sufficient pressure for an irrigation system?

A This depends on each individual site, in some cases it may be necessary to sink a second wellpoint or install a buffer tank to achieve enough pressure to irrigate


Q Where will the well point be located?

A You tell us, there are of course minor restrictions, but in general it can be located wherever in your garden you choose. You will need to provide power to the pump however, so somewhere near a plug point is always advisable. As a wellpoint, the water is drawn from high up in the water table which is pretty much everywhere and therefore we don't need to divine for a particularly strong source as one would with a borehole.


Q How long does it take?

A Most wellpoints can be installed within 4 hours from start to completion. All we require is access to the premises and a water supply from your garden hose. All our equipment is portable and can be moved comfortably through side gates etc.


Q Are there any hidden costs?

A No, just the electricity that is used to run the pump. Typically it will cost less than R1.00 per hour at the current electrical price to run the 1 hp Pedrollo wellpoint pump supplied by us.


Q How far in advance do I book for a wellpoint installation?

A We do book up pretty quickly and can normally accommodate you within 4-7 days. We do the installations on any day of the week, depending on prior bookings, on a first come, first serve basis.